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Shutter Cards - Plain Bingo Balls

Shutter Cards - Plain Bingo Balls

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Our Bingo Shutter Cards are a fun and exciting twist on the traditional memory game. It includes cards with bingo-style numbers and letters on one side and a blank white side on the other. To play, just like in traditional bingo, a caller will draw a card from the deck and announce the number or letter. Players then try to find the matching card in their hand and "shut" it by placing a chip on top. The first player to shut all the spaces on their card wins! These Bingo Shutter Cards are perfect for kids and adults and make a great addition to any game night. With endless customization options, these cards can also be used as a learning tool for reinforcing numbers, letters, and basic math skills. Get your shutter card today and add some excitement to your next bingo game!
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